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Transparent Bike and Parts Valuation Process

Transparent Bike and Parts Valuation Process

As cash buyers of premium bikes and parts, we want to be clear about how we assess and value your items. Our valuation process is based on factors such as demand, condition, age, and current online prices.

Valuation Range: Our offers typically range from 50-70% of the resale value for in-demand items. For those that are less in demand, the offer may be lower.

We use our own funds for purchases, so we have to be discerning about what we buy.

Demand: We aim to sell items within a reasonable time frame, usually within 2-3 months. This ensures that we are not rushed to sell an item immediately. Our assessment of demand considers a realistic selling period rather than focusing on next-day sale prices. Predicting the potential selling timeline guides our valuation.

Condition Criteria: For bikes, we are particularly interested in road and gravel bikes, mostly disc models with a resale value exceeding £1000. When evaluating condition, we consider wear on the drivetrain, frame condition (especially for carbon bikes), and the work required to make the bike ride-ready for the next owner. A bike that's dirty with minimal wear may be preferred over a meticulously clean one with significant component wear.

Age: Bikes generally depreciate, and rare instances of appreciation aside, we acknowledge this reality. For instance, rim brake bikes are a prime example of depreciation.

Online Pricing Reality: We sell our products online, recognizing that online prices are often more competitive. In the cycling industry, the race to bottom pricing is common. Our assessment of current prices is based on online rates rather than the recommended retail price (RRP).

Our goal is to make selling your bike or surplus parts hassle-free. While you may potentially get more on a marketplace, factoring in time-wasters, commissions, haggling, and no guaranteed sale can make the process cumbersome. 

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