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Post robbery update! Things are back on track!

Post robbery update! Things are back on track!

In March 2024, we launched Probiketrader, a fresh website, and built a new brand around our focus on top-level Pre-Owned Road and Gravel Bikes. However, at the beginning of April, we were burgled of all our pro-level bikes! Talk about bad timing!

I am an eternal optimist and believe that there is a lesson in everything, especially the bad! After a few weeks of dealing with the aftermath, we are getting back on track and have learned a lot along the way. I will remember that 3 a.m. call and that gut wrenching drive for the rest of my life.

While there has been no luck in recovering the bikes, I have learned a lot about security, how rampant and organized bike theft is in London, and the personal impact of being a victim of organized crime.

Here are some tips for all the cyclists out there from a great officer I spoke to:

  1. Register your bike on one of the sites and take note of the serial numbers.
  2. Invest in indoor locks and avoid taking risks!

Additionally, we have received tremendous support from fellow cyclists keeping an eye out on the marketplaces for our bikes, so if you do spot anything, please let us know or report it to the police.

Moving forward, we are rebuilding our inventory, brainstorming new ideas, and doing what we always do: providing a pro-level service.

Got a Road or Gravel bike to sell? You know where to come.

Keval :)